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Monisha Melwani Jewelry

About the Brand

“We believe jewelry should be personal and are committed to create timeless, sustainable and quality meaningful jewelry that endures.” - Monisha Melwani, Founder

Our Founder

Monisha Melwani, the founder behind the eponymous jewelry line, draws inspiration from her rich Asian heritage to redefine luxury jewelry for modern women and men seeking luxury in their everyday lives. With years of experience working alongside her family, she ventured into the realm of fine jewelry in 2007.

Her journey reflects a passion for transforming luxury into accessible, everyday wear. The success of Monisha Melwani Jewelry is a testament to her unique vision, which has resonated with thousands of women worldwide, expanding the brand from its Miami, FL roots to select hotels and boutiques globally.

Private & Concierge Jewelry

From years of experience working alongside her family’s jewelry business, Monisha Melwani launched her fine jewelry collection, Monisha Melwani Jewelry, in 2007.

Founded on the idea to transform luxury jewelry into everyday modern wear, the jewelry line started simply to cater to her family and friends. The success of her brand has allowed her to expand her vision with thousands of women all over the country.

As a concierge jeweler, Monisha Melwani curates a personalized experience for each individual client. This service often includes customized consultations, personalized recommendations, and assistance with sourcing jewelry pieces tailored to the clients requests. Monisha Melwani’s private, concierge and bespoke fine jewelry ensures that clients receive high quality, unique, and exquisite jewelry experiences.

Redesign & Repurpose

At the heart of Monisha Melwani Jewelry lies a commitment to redesigning and repurposing the concept of luxury jewelry. By transforming existing jewelry pieces into new designs or repurposing heirloom pieces, Monisha helps clients sustainably breathe new life into sentimental jewelry, preserving their value while creating something modern and unique.

This philosophy, deeply rooted in her familial jewelry background, results in a collection that sustainably marries timeless classics with contemporary designs, embodying a perfect blend of heritage and innovation.


Our jewelry is ethically sourced and meticulously crafted in Asia. Made with natural mined diamonds or natural mined semi-precious gemstones, we adhere to The Kimberley Process. Our diamonds are G-H color and SI+ clarity, unless specified. Our precious metals include 14K to 18K solid gold or 925 sterling silver. These elements combine to create enduring beauty and luxury that stands the test of time.

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